6 reasons why marketers dig us...

Promothon email marketing is built just for you. Not not your accountant or lawyer, and no, not your uncle Bob.

This means that every feature we build and decision we make is focused on one thing - helping you kick ass at promotional email marketing. Happy kicking.

vCard 1. Use your favorite tools

There's nothing worse than being forced to use ugly templates and a clunky WYSIWYG editor to design your emails. Promothon lets you design the way you know best, with your own tools. Once the design is done, import it with a single click. We'll even convert all your CSS inline automatically for the best results in all email clients.

Analytics2. We feel your pain... Yes, no, maybe so!

More than anyone we're well aware of how challenging it can be to get your email looking great in all major email clients. In addition to our countless articles on best practice email design, we go to the end of the internet and back, testing email-client performance cross-platform, so you can get the most out of every touch.

Resell3. Designers helping designers

Unlike any other Email Service Provider, our customer support team is only made up of experienced web and email designers. We've also spread our support team across multiple time zones to make sure you get the quickest (and most helpful) response possible. We also have a growing community of customers helping each other out in our lively customer forums.


Resell4. Easy design testing

For a small fee we can generate screenshots of exactly how your email is going to look in more than 20 popular email clients. This can be a huge time saver in getting the best results possible. We've built this right into the create/send workflow so you can easily test, tweak and re-test your designs until you nail them.


Resell5. Look awesome to your boss & coworkers

We generate awesome looking reports on the results of any campaigns you send. We also make it easy to share these reports with your boss, co-workers or colleagues by creating a branded reporting extranet where they can see the results of everything you've sent.


Resell6. Customization

You can customize everything from your email campaigns, subscription process and the interface of the software itself.

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