Plain text templates and formatting tips

Not everybody has an email client that can show HTML, and some people just prefer plain text.

We got permission from the creators of three really well designed plain text newsletters to share modified forms of their format with you, which should save you some time and make sure that your plain text readers aren’t missing out.

We’ve even included unsubscribe and forward to a friend links for you. Just cut and paste them into the plain text entry field when you are creating your campaign. Thanks go to 37Signals, Freshbooks and Good Experience.

Short announcement

A simple format that is light on the formatting so it doesn’t get in the way of the message.


Simple Newsletter

For newsletters with one major article, making sure it is still easy to spot the contact information.

Longer newsletter

When you have a few big sections and you want to make sure your email remains scannable.

You can find even more plain text formatting tips in our blog. It’s worth putting some effort into your text emails - your customers will appreciate it.

Try it


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