Testing your campaign in different email clients

Web designers have known for years the difficulties of dealing with the capabilities of different web browsers, like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

The same web page can render very differently for different viewers... and email clients are even more varied.

Instead of just a few major browsers, you need to consider more than 15 email programs with major market share. And while web browsers are getting much better in terms of their standards support, many email clients have a long way to go.

So a big part of getting better results from your email campaigns is making sure your emails are readable and appealing in as many different email programs as possible. There is a couple of ways you can do this:

Use your own testing resources

You may already have a few of the major email programs available to you, like a Gmail account, an Outlook 2007 inbox and a Blackberry, for example. Promothon makes it easy to send a preview of your campaign to several addresses at once. You can login to your accounts and check out the results.

Your test addresses are remembered for you too, so you won’t even need to type them in after the first time. If you need to test more widely though, or you don’t want to invest your time and effort into setting up a whole test suite yourself, Promothon has another option.

Use the full design and spam testing suite

For a small fee, you can have your email campaign tested in more than 15 of the most popular email clients like Outlook 2007, Windows Live Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Lotus Notes and many more. It covers desktop, web based and mobile clients.

Not only do you have much wider coverage than you would be able to do on your own (at least without a lot of money and time), you also get your email run through several spam filters, including McAfee Security Center, Norton AntiSpam, Outlook, MessageLabs, Postini and Spam Assassin.

Automatically test in the email clients that count

Knowing which email clients to target is one thing. When you combine this report with our design and spam testing service, you can generate screenshots of exactly how your design looks in these email key clients. Remove all the guesswork in a single click.

Email client test


Email Clients included in each test

Email Client Testing
Desktop Email Clients
AOL 9 Apple Mail 2.1 Apple Mail 3
Lotus Notes 6.5.4 Lotus Notes 7 Lotus Notes 8
Outlook 2000 Outlook 2003 Outlook 2007
Outlook Express 6 Outlook XP Thunderbird
Windows Mail    
Web-based Email Clients
AOL Web Gmail Mobile Me
Windows Live Hotmail Yahoo! Classic Yahoo! Mail
Mobile Email Clients
BlackBerry Windows Mobile 5 Windows Mobile 6

Can't I just do this myself?

Sure, but it sucks. You'll need to create test accounts at all the free ISP's above like Hotmail and Yahoo, sign up (and pay) for other ISP's like Earthlink and Comcast, set up a few virtual machines to cover different operating systems and purchase and install each of the spam filters we test in. Total cost, just under $10,000.

Or, you can click your mouse once and we'll do the lot for you.

Do I have to be a customer?

Nope. As long as you have a free account with us, you can use our testing tool to get your design just right with no obligation to use Promothon for anything else.

Image blocking and preview pane ready

Most of the popular email clients enforce image blocking and preview panes these days. Not only will we take screenshots of your design, but we'll take multiple versions with images on, images off and even how your design looks in the horizontal or vertical preview pane.


Your email tested against spam filters and firewalls

Instead of just scanning your content for "spammy words", we’ll pass your email through real spam filters and tell you exactly why you failed. We’ll also run your email through a number of key spam firewalls - the gatekeepers for most ISP’s and large corporations.

Spam report


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