How to create a subscription confirmation email

You might find that some subscribers opted-in, but it was some time ago.

Or perhaps you want to change the focus of the email, and you’d like to have people confirm they are still interested. This is a smart thing to do, since it treats your subscribers with respect, and can avoid spam complaints.

What you can do with Promothon is send a one off campaign to your older list that contains a special link. Your readers can click the link and be automatically added to a new, completely opt-in subscriber list. From then on, you only send to the new list.

So how do you do it? First things first, make sure you have permission to contact the recipients in the first place - since this technique is often used on older lists that haven’t been sent to in a while. As we state in our anti-spam policy, permission doesn’t age well and you can’t use Promothon to email anyone you haven’t contacted in the last 2 years.

You’ve got permission, what’s next?

Create a new subscriber list. From this we can build a link that when clicked, will add the subscriber to this new list.

Grab the subscribe form URL, which you can find by going to the ‘Create a subscribe form’ option in your list and locating the URL in the supplied code. This URL will form the base of our link. It should look something like (with different letters for your own form).

Add the recipient’s name and email address as parameters to the URL. For the email address, we use the email address field name in the subscribe form code, such as atlrb-atlrb. So, the full URL will be:
atlrb=[email]&cm-name=[fullname, fallback=”“]

(remember you need to use the actual parameters from your specific form, not the ones from this example).

That’s it, we’re done. By adding that link to your subscription confirmation email, the variables will automatically get replaced with the values in your list that your sending to. Give the recipients a couple of weeks to confirm their subscription, and then you should only send to the newly optedin list.

And don’t forget you can test this by previewing your campaign and sending yourself a test email. You’ll be able to see the full link filled out.

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